Nuggets from a Writer’s Scribblings



How do I start? Where do I start? What will I write about? One thing for sure, I want to start writing again. Should I include metaphors and simile or alliteration and hyperbole to make my topic more interesting? I need a piece of paper to jot it down so I will remember a good topic everytime something hits me .


I could resume writing the children’s book story I have been working on eons ago. Maybe add a  few characters and include a twist or two into it. It may not be as good as Rowling’s, but it’s a nice start.  I could even make Angie, Drake Dwan, Eunice and Liam as the main characters. Oh that’s a whole bunch to write about.

I could start on a new topic and write about our travel to Hong Kong. That would be a nice topic. Then I will have to find ways how to describe how we tried to figure out the chinese characters on the map and on the signboards.

Fika and coffee talk is another topic I should write about, and in between coffee breaks there are multitude of topics that comes into mind. A lavish smorgasboard of breakfast, brunches and dinner with all the sweet, savory desserts and fine food  is also a good topic. A writer can also be a gastronome as the pen works well with a sound mind and on a full stomach.

I am blabbering, even in my writing.  I just need to click these thoughts away and start somewhere.  That’s all I want to do today. Maybe tomorrow I have other things to do, but today I feel for writing.  To writhe to write is too right. I gotta go and find my pen..