Bridging my plots and thoughts

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” – E.B. White

Tweaks from the Writer's Keyboard


Have you ever sat in front of your computer, with a blank notepad in front of you and all the things in your head you want to write about but can’t find the right words to start your work? And the more you ignore the urge to write, the more it haunts you.

Have you tried diverting your thoughts to doing something else, and still come
out wanting to continue and weave that plot you have started months ago? Nope. There is no other time , there is no ideal condition. Not even cold weather nor an unstable internet connection will stop me today from rummaging through my drafts.

Oh look!

There’s my Blue Dragon, still trying to become a Gold Dragon by skipping his favorite meal. Today he noticed hues of gold on the tip of his wings.

And then there is Little Mousey too. He’s saving his Brie for winter. I wonder what he will serve his guests for Christmas dinner?

I think I am missing out on something. Did I miss the day when Angie went out to follow the stranger’s footprints? And I wonder how far Drake has gone on his morning walks in the village?

Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dum! Look at Dwan Eunice and Liam. How they have grown! Once with one tooth smileys, now sparkling little teeth nibbling on cookies and cupcakes. Today I heard them giggle. With mischief in their eyes, they talked about a secret. Aha! They’re
going out to pick shiny, shimmery balls from the Christmas tree.

And then I remembered the Jonssons. Have they gone out on their next journey or
have they stayed with camels? Last time I saw them they were rushing out to catch the next flight to Mozambique.

With these, a writer’s day ends but not his stories. Like bubbles in  a teapot, his mind is spewing more threads of images. Like caramels and taffy, words budding like substance.

So who goes there to stop it? No not I, no not I.