Grandma Glasses’ Garden

“I am back.”  I called out loud.

“From where? I didn’t notice you were gone,” she answered.  

“Oh well, at least she heard me today,”  I said to myself,  as I stepped  into the kitchen.

Have I finally explored the boundaries of my mind? Not really.

Have I found enough courage to talk about the downside of being a housewife? Not today.

Will it be more fun to talk about being a writer? Sounds like it.

Should I stick with a topic that has been bothering me? Not a good idea. 

I think I should start breathing life to my storybook characters.  And Grandma Glasses  is top on my list today.

“Oh look Grandma! There are butterflies in your garden,” said Eunice.

Grandma Glasses Garden
Grandma Glasses Garden

My Funny Junk s.2013: My Contribution to History


“My Funny Junk s.2013: My Contribution to History” is a literary project in cooperation with Grandma Glasses. It aims to bring awareness in a subtle and light-hearted manner. It’s not satire. And it’s not fiction either. It’s an entertaining and meaningful literary junk by radical writers.

Funny Junk#1

At the plenary hall, everyone is seated except for two senators.

The marshall : “Mr and Mrs Juan Dela Cruz will you please come to order.”

Mr J Dela Cruz : “I will have brewed coffee please.”

Mrs J Dela Cruz : “Latte but no sugar for me two.”

Funny Junk #2

In a geography class,

Girl : Do you know where is the Philippines?
Boy : It’s the country where you should be.
Girl : Where is it? (looks at map)
Boy : Not far from the sea

Funny Junk #3




Funny Junk#4

Subconsciously we dream, and from a colleague’s narration this is my point:

PHL sin tax (*english translation in progress)

Mommy Glo: Eds may yosi ka ba jan?
Edwards : Naku Mommy Glo wala po..may sin tax kasi dito kay San Pedro. (sabay abot na lng ng lighter)

(*trans: “what does it mean?”)