Grandma Glasses’ Garden

“I am back.”  I called out loud.

“From where? I didn’t notice you were gone,” she answered.  

“Oh well, at least she heard me today,”  I said to myself,  as I stepped  into the kitchen.

Have I finally explored the boundaries of my mind? Not really.

Have I found enough courage to talk about the downside of being a housewife? Not today.

Will it be more fun to talk about being a writer? Sounds like it.

Should I stick with a topic that has been bothering me? Not a good idea. 

I think I should start breathing life to my storybook characters.  And Grandma Glasses  is top on my list today.

“Oh look Grandma! There are butterflies in your garden,” said Eunice.

Grandma Glasses Garden

Grandma Glasses Garden


About phwriter11

I am an artist. My kind of art is Photography, Theater Arts and Communication, Fashion and Design, Digital / Multimedia and Writing. My husband and I travel to Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East. Imagine the hustle and bustle of catching flights and adjusting bioclocks. My blog is the only thing I can keep on one timezone.
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