My Funny Junk s.2013: My Contribution to History


“My Funny Junk s.2013: My Contribution to History” is a literary project in cooperation with Grandma Glasses. It aims to bring awareness in a subtle and light-hearted manner. It’s not satire. And it’s not fiction either. It’s an entertaining and meaningful literary junk by radical writers.

Funny Junk#1

At the plenary hall, everyone is seated except for two senators.

The marshall : “Mr and Mrs Juan Dela Cruz will you please come to order.”

Mr J Dela Cruz : “I will have brewed coffee please.”

Mrs J Dela Cruz : “Latte but no sugar for me two.”

Funny Junk #2

In a geography class,

Girl : Do you know where is the Philippines?
Boy : It’s the country where you should be.
Girl : Where is it? (looks at map)
Boy : Not far from the sea

Funny Junk #3




Funny Junk#4

Subconsciously we dream, and from a colleague’s narration this is my point:

PHL sin tax (*english translation in progress)

Mommy Glo: Eds may yosi ka ba jan?
Edwards : Naku Mommy Glo wala po..may sin tax kasi dito kay San Pedro. (sabay abot na lng ng lighter)

(*trans: “what does it mean?”)