Ways to Overcome System Errors When Writing

Dear Me, this is not good. I see this as a hiccup in my journey to the Cloud.- PhWriter11





It is very important to always check your software and app updates. Maybe someone out there also experienced or struggled the same way we did. Maybe yes, maybe not. I don’t know.  How many times did you attempt to be in TheWriters realm to buffer the frustration of writing? Have you ever struggled to reach for the invisible RelaxButton when things don’t seem to work as they should? Or maybe blamed the User-Infront-of the-Laptop who’s not working as they should have.

Did you know TheWriter always had bouts of writer’s block? We all have drafts and storyboards stored out in old laptops, computers or external drives. Some may even have hard copies of their scribbles and later do edits on their work.  That happens. That’s normal for writers.

There are times TheWriter will even park her pen, rest her mind,  look somewhere,  go someplace to recharge her thoughts. It may take a day or a week or years before the next pages of her writing come about. That happens. That’s normal for writers.

Do you think customer service or the technical support can calm down TheWriter with apologies when in the middle of  work comes power outage, system crash, software update or corrupted user login? It breaks the flow of thoughts. It’s like coming to the end of a beautiful river and you see mud. It’s like sniffing lavander flowers and then a pesky beetle bit your nose.

Maybe all these is wrong. Is there a reboot mode for this? Do you think TheWriter needs to do a raindance so the RainClouds will clear these technical issues? Why fix what’s not broken?

Clouds used to be nice, fluffy and like cotton candy. Now they have become harsh and unforgiving companions waiting in the shadow to snap at TheWriter when she’s writing. It’s like a dark voice of the unknown “An upgrade is pending, please grab a pen and paper to continue or go bake a cookie.”

But like any other day, just like TheWriter’s habit  and regular routine, you should  continue to write and ignore the challenges. At the end of the day after long hours of editing your work even with glitches and system errors, the reward is in the written words you have on your pages.

Always remember , words are mightier than the BogeyMan in the Cloud. Your best cheatsheet is your confidence to grasp inspiration and to write and express emotions.

cloud icon




Pen and Paper Mode in 2018


“The handwritten journal has more character than digital. No hacks, no bashers, no trolls.” – phwriter11 20Jan2018


my cluttered writings are across all my platforms


in Evernote
in OfficeWord
with Adobe
in WordPress
in Dropbox
on Notepad
to my gallery and files..   This Writer’s page has been dormant for too long




toggling windows

I noticed time ticking away

and this is how this Writer works..

A Day with The Jonssons

One day on the gamezone..

“Arrrgh! I did it again. I’m playing so bad with this team. They shoot when they shouldn’t be shooting.”

“Which team are you with? ”

“Oh for heaven’s sake! No wonder I’m playing so bad. I’m playing against the computer.”



This thing about computers and passwords is annoying me!  Why do they always prompt for updates, upgrades and all these techy prompts?

It’s to secure your account from unauthorized use and hackers.

From whom?  Who would want to bother with an old woman’s cooking recipe anyways?  It’s not a secret like Tutankhamen’s mummy recipe.

Even that is not a secret nowadays.


Grandma Glasses : “Oops! I accidentally deleted files on my phone.” (sigh)

I.T. Consultant : Sign up for an upgrade, get  1TB DropBox to use for backup.

Grandma Glasses : “But I don’t want an upgrade.”

I.T. Consultant : “ Enjoy the 1TB backup space. I’m paying the monthly fee.” (sigh)


A repost from my blog archive Sunday, September 2, 2012


photos from home 018B 003

I was working two hours on my new blog. I am almost done with content, layout and links when I noticed the edit button on my page. I worked around toolbars and still cannot get the edit button off my main blog page.
“Honey? How do I remove the edit button?” I asked my techy savvy husband. Being the math wizard in the family, I knew he can fix it for me. My husband came to check what I was doing. “That’s easy. Here let me help you.”
And after a few clicks on my keyboard he said casually, “I can even change the whole page,” my husband added.

With wide eyes, I gawked at the most complicated muddle of alphanumerics strings I have seen in my entire life. “What the .. ?!” Talk about wordpressed! Oh well, that’s why they put CLICK Support button on the dashboard.


The Baker’s Percentage

I am a writer learning how to bake artisan breads, not as a career but to fill my tummy during breaks. – PhWriter11

Happy New Year to all Readers! A collection of my thoughts to share with you because I’m glad to have you back on my page.

Lately I have been into bread and pastry making. With success, I have revised recipes to come up with my version of the white bread, soda bread, ciabatta, beer bread, cake base, cinnamon rolls, swedish cookies, meringues and basic pie crust. Of course there are also disappointments, frustrations and disasters in my baking adventures. That makes baking more interesting for me.

Hjärnan Bröd 006

swedish chef is in the house

Quick Beer Bread 005 (3)

lava cake 003

cake base 001 021

cake base 001 011 cake base 001 005 McJonsson Wheat bread 007 mcj bread 022 McJonsson Bread (12) bake it or burn it 001 017 bake it or burn it 001 019 Kanebullar 007 Prune BRead (2) McJonsson White BRead (3) jonsson bageri 044 McJonsson's Apple Pie 041 candy's bday cake 005 photos from home jan 2013 001 008 candy's bday cake 008 mcj bread 050 photos from home jan 2013 001 007 Jordgubbstårta 02 032

I like how  the dough rises , how the cake fluffs in a pan, how eggs and butter blend into a nice cream, how powder sugar melts with milk, how yeast bubbles with warm water, how the crust browns inside the oven, how the cinnamon sugar caramelizes, how the chocolate surrenders to my stirring and become ganache, and how the bread comes out golden brown when flipped to cool.

Same way I master the art of making bread, do I get familiar with shelf life of these baked goodies. I’ve had a couple of loaves that turned mildewy after days sitting on the table. I’ve had snickerdoodles still edible coming way past Christmas when all gifts have been opened.

And disasters are always expected when a novice tweaks a recipe. I’ve had burnt caramel in ramekins too when I tried doing it quicker in the microwave. I had a loaf that turned out to be a weapon and graded class 3 as self defense gadget. And a boule that expanded horrendously to become an alien’s brain.

christmas snickerdoodles 044homemade egg pasta 021

Bake it or burn it 064

I found helpful tips and techniques from other bakers’ links too.  I need to keep these in mind every time I handle the dough and perfect making artisan breads. And while checking out alternatives for baking stone, I stumbled on the Baker’s Math. Initially, I thought it is a bit too much going through all those hassles understanding the formula. Then as I read on, I realized the mistakes I made with my disaster loaves. From the formulas I gathered, I was enlightened on the correlation of  flour and water in bread making. Trial and error will always be part of the fun, but at least now I can attempt to chase those bubbles in my freshly baked bread like a professional baker.

With the baker’s percentage put into good use, I will have more things to write about. Seeing all my baked creations makes me feel better. Indeed baking is one of those things you just have to try to learn how to do right with a few mistakes acceptable.

phwriter 023

And I wrap up my writings today with a Phwriter11 quote, “To burp or not to burp, that is for humans”.

Bridging my plots and thoughts

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” – E.B. White

Tweaks from the Writer's Keyboard


Have you ever sat in front of your computer, with a blank notepad in front of you and all the things in your head you want to write about but can’t find the right words to start your work? And the more you ignore the urge to write, the more it haunts you.

Have you tried diverting your thoughts to doing something else, and still come
out wanting to continue and weave that plot you have started months ago? Nope. There is no other time , there is no ideal condition. Not even cold weather nor an unstable internet connection will stop me today from rummaging through my drafts.

Oh look!

There’s my Blue Dragon, still trying to become a Gold Dragon by skipping his favorite meal. Today he noticed hues of gold on the tip of his wings.

And then there is Little Mousey too. He’s saving his Brie for winter. I wonder what he will serve his guests for Christmas dinner?

I think I am missing out on something. Did I miss the day when Angie went out to follow the stranger’s footprints? And I wonder how far Drake has gone on his morning walks in the village?

Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dum! Look at Dwan Eunice and Liam. How they have grown! Once with one tooth smileys, now sparkling little teeth nibbling on cookies and cupcakes. Today I heard them giggle. With mischief in their eyes, they talked about a secret. Aha! They’re
going out to pick shiny, shimmery balls from the Christmas tree.

And then I remembered the Jonssons. Have they gone out on their next journey or
have they stayed with camels? Last time I saw them they were rushing out to catch the next flight to Mozambique.

With these, a writer’s day ends but not his stories. Like bubbles in  a teapot, his mind is spewing more threads of images. Like caramels and taffy, words budding like substance.

So who goes there to stop it? No not I, no not I.